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Young Teen Dies in Brentwood Crash

Brentwood, CA – A fifteen-year-old girl dies en route to the hospital after being involved in a car crash Saturday morning near Stockton.

Shattered Ice bottle on a boating access ramp at .

Shattered Ice bottle on a boating access ramp at . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pickup truck she was riding in was transporting a stabbed victim that was assaulted on city streets with a glass bottle to the hospital. The pickup ran a red light at the Balfour Road and Walnut Avenue minutes after midnight when it crashed. Their vehicle was broadsided and rolled over ejecting the fifteen-year old girl from the vehicle and pinning her underneath.

Firefighters extricated the victim and transported her to a local hospital. She died in the ambulance en route to the hospital. The occupants of the other vehicle suffered major injuries and were airlifted to a hospital.

Later that morning family and friends created a makeshift memorial at the crash site in remembrance of the victim.
Police are investigating the stabbing incident and whether it was gang related.

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